For Families with Non-competing Children:

We understand that families often like to make tournaments a family event…..maybe even a family vacation. Tournaments really are a wonderful time to travel together for a purpose. It is important to consider, though, that venues are often not set-up to accommodate all the needs that families may have at a tournament. Families do not have access to kitchens or dedicated playgrounds. Electric appliances such as crockpots are not allowed on the campus of Point Loma University for events such as ours. And play areas are limited. To meet your specific needs, please plan carefully.

If you are coming to the tournament with non-competing children, plan to share childcare with other families so that you, as a parent of a competitor, can fulfill your judging responsibilities. Some parents judge many rounds, more than required of them, while others find reasons not to judge. While you may have child care needs, online work to accomplish, or a child whose speech you just need to hear, remember that those choices result in placing more responsibility on others who will become weary very quickly. As parents of competing students, you have the responsibility to meet the needs of the tournament by being available at Ballot Push every other round to see if your help is needed.

Fulfilling the responsibility of judging is often misunderstood at best, or avoided at worst. Please know that each and every tournament depends on your cooperation. Thank you very much for understanding.