Host Housing 2019

We are pleased to offer limited host housing, available on a first-come, first-served basis, for those families who are traveling. Please consider the following general guidelines before requesting host housing. Note: Host Housing is not guaranteed and it is prudent to have a back-up plan.

What you can expect from your host home:
• A place to sleep (maybe a bed, sofa, or space on the floor for your sleeping bags)
• A bathroom where you may shower and get ready for the tournament

What your host can expect from you:
• A thankful heart and Christ-like attitude
• Carefully supervised children at ALL times regardless of age
• No smoking in or near host homes

Our hosts open their homes out of generosity, kindness, and support for the activity of speech and debate. In order for us to keep host families year after year, we wish for them to have a great experience with their guests. If this sounds like a blessing for your situation, please email your request to our Host Housing Coordinator via email:

Please type the following in the subject line of the email: "Point Loma Classic 2019 Host Housing Request - Your Family's Last Name"

Please copy and paste the following questions into your e-mail and answer completely before sending your request.

1. How many people total need housing?
2. Name and gender for each adult
3. Phone number and email address for each adult
4. How many competing students are there?
5. Name, age, and gender for all children.
6. Estimated arrival and departure day/time.
7. Any special needs or limitations the host family may need to be aware of?
8. Name of your speech & debate club

The DEADLINE for requesting Host Housing is Friday, November 30, 2018. Requests are generally handled in the order they are received; however, host family preferences (i.e. available space) and other special factors (i.e. guest allergies, etc.) are taken into consideration to make a good match. Priority will be given to competitors and accompanying parents.