Juniors ~

We need YOU to be an Extemp Guide!

Here's the job:  Before EACH Extemp Round, you will report to the Extemp Prep Room, located in the Fermanian Business Center Conference Room. The Extemp Proctor will assign you to a specific competition room.  Your responsibility will be to guide each Extemp speaker to that assigned competition room.  (Note:  The competition rooms will be located in other buildings.)

Once you have escorted the 1st speaker to his/her room, you will return to the Extemp Prep Room to escort the 2nd speaker to that same room, and so on. Your help is needed for the entire round, so you will be escorting a total of 8 speakers. For example, on Thursday, January 3, for Extemp Round 1, you will begin your job at 10:30 AM, and end your job at 12:15 PM.

Here's the Point Loma Classic tournament schedule: https://pointlomaclassic.homeschooldebate.net/schedule

These are the Qualifications:
~ You must be at least 10 years old.
~ You must attend the training session on Thursday morning at 9:30 AM.
~ You must have written parental approval (Parents ~ your child will be on campus ‘unsupervised', so please evaluate your child’s capacity for the responsibilities of this job. A parent authorization form will be emailed to you.)

To sign up, please contact Lynda Stefani at LyndaStefani@icloud.com.