Parent Judging

Whether you have attended many tournaments over the years, or the Classic is your first, we want to have each parent consider the judging needs.

The 2020 Point Loma Classic will require over 1500 judging slots to be filled over the course of the three day tournament (imagine how many ballots need to be processed by Tab!). Parents of the host club, Paradigm, and our friends from North San Diego County, CONTROL, will be occupied during the tournament with a variety of non-judging responsibilities.

For this reason, the host club recruits community judges from its network of friends, family and acquaintances to “take their place” in the competition rooms. Parents who attend the tournament and are not at stations such as Ballot Push, Ballot Return, Judge Lounge etc, have the privilege of picking up a ballot and judging……often. Please make the effort to judge every other round. That means that you likely will be taking a ballot for every debate round and completing the ballot during the following speech round. Or, you will be judging speeches and filling out your ballot during the debate rounds. Either way, the tournament needs you. We all want to socialize, go out for a meal, watch our children compete etc. But we ask that you come to Ballot Push every other round to see if you are needed.

With a participation mindset, the tournament will run on time, the events will be judged by the ideal number of judges and the students will benefit from your feedback. And just think of the education you’ll receive!

See you at Ballot Push:)