Security and Campus Care:

Point Loma Nazarene University has a beautiful campus that has open access from the community. Walkers, joggers, bicyclists, surfers regularly visit the campus to enjoy these activities. During the Classic, a variety of visitors will be on campus who are not at all associated with the tournament. Please keep this in mind. While there has never been a security issue during the 12 years that the Classic has met at PLNU, we can never be too careful. Please, parents, keep an eye out for anything that just doesn’t look right, and don’t hesitate to report to someone at Ballot Push any suspicious activity.

Included in this concern is self-policing of litter, etc. If litter is on the ground, please don’t consider it the responsibility if someone else to pick it up and place it in a receptacle. The University has placed access restrictions on the tournament in the past due to the mess that was created by our students. And one year the Classic had to find a different venue due to lack of care given to the common area in one of the buildings. Thankfully, we were invited back. Let’s protect the relationship with Point Loma University by being good guests who know how to keep the grounds tidy. Two days after we leave, several thousand students will return to campus to begin winter semester. We want to leave the campus beautiful for them, faculty, and staff.