When a tournament website is constructed, the tournament team can only estimate, based on previous years, how many competitors each event will draw. The number of rooms at each venue is limited, so a tournament cannot accept an unlimited number of competitors. For example, at the 2020 PLC, 168 Apologetics competitors are anticipated based on last year’s population. Divide that by 8 students per room and you can see that 21 rooms (nearly half of the rooms in Pattern B) are consumed by Apologetics. What happens if 182 students register? Well, 14 will go on a waitlist. If another pattern B event is underpopulated, a room could be switched over to Apologetics and automatically 8 people come off the waitlist to populate that room. And, of course, some students drop events, or drop the tournament altogether, which also helps to clear a waitlist.

Another example is Team Policy. The tournament anticipates 132 TP competitors. With 4 to a room, 33 rooms are dedicated to TP. If 175 register, the waitlist is long! If one TP team member is confirmed and another is on a waitlist, the registration software sees that scenario as the team is on a waitlist. In other words, just because one team member is confirmed doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed competition in TP. The other team member will need to clear the waitlist for the team to compete. Waitlists are cleared if students drop the event or if more rooms can be secured (usually not likely since these rooms would have to come from LD competition rooms and LD often has waitlists, too). So, please be patient and understand that room inventory is limited and that the tournament lets the registration software do the work of populating those rooms.