Why the 2nd Weekend in January?

Perhaps you are wondering why, after several years when the Point Loma Classic was scheduled on the first weekend in January, it has moved to the second weekend for 2020. The answer is simple. The tournament’s host club, Paradigm, does not have the luxury of selecting any weekend it wants for the Classic. The schedule is dictated by the schedule of classes at Point Loma Nazarene University. The past few years, with New Year’s Day falling early in the week, the University began classes the first Monday of January. Over the previous weekend, the campus was open and the Facilities Department was preparing for the new semester to begin. For 2020, with New Year’s Day falling on a Wednesday, the University calendar has classes beginning on the second Monday in January, the 13th. This means that the Facilities Department (upon which the tournament is dependent), is on campus the second weekend, but not the first weekend. It really is that simple. When New Year’s Day falls on W, Th, F, Saturday or Sunday, the Point Loma Classic will be held on the second weekend of the New Year.